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  • Gain first-hand experience of the Avatar Tools.
  • Begin to learn how your consciousness works.
  • Learn what Avatar training has to offer you.
  • Meet the founder of Avatar, Harry Palmer, and
    hear about the mission of Avatar in the world.

By phone or in-person

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ReSurfacing® Avatar Workshops

  • Experience a new level of enhanced awareness.
  • See why your life works and why it does not work.
  • Discover the direct connection between your beliefs and your experiences
  • Learn critical techniques to handle stress in your life.
  • Learn to direct your attention to where you want it to go.
  • Strengthen your will and learn to make clear cut decisions.
  • Master your mind instead of letting your mind master you.
  • Reveal the self-sabotaging beliefs that have blocked your success and satisfaction.                
June 25 & 26 Solana Beach, CA
July 2 & 3 Orlando, FL

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The Full Avatar Course

In this nine-day training, you will learn how to:

  • Create beliefs that will lead to the experiences you want in life.
  • Dis-create limiting beliefs you no longer prefer.
  • Experience a quiet mind anytime you like.
  • Be successful in creating your life goals/purpose.
  • Stay calm even while others are losing their cool.
  • Free yourself of self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns.
  • Maintain your focus and be fully present.
  • Be truly compassionate.
  • Recognize and eliminate self-doubts.
  • Feel fully alive.
  • Live deliberately, proudly, and boldly.
July 2-10 Orlando, FL

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Personal Responsibility, Compassion, & Service To Others

  • What does it take to create harmony, rather than conflict; to create cooperation instead of competition?
  • What are the realizations that will transform a person’s attitude from selfishness to service?
  • What is so powerful that it is considered by all major religions as among the greatest virtues that you can practice?


This 5 Minute Video By Harry Palmer Will Answer These And Many More Questions, And Get You Started On Your Avatar Path…

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