Are You Interested In Improving Your Life?

Are you interested in improving the world?

The Avatar® Course puts you in the driver’s seat in life.

That may seem an unusual way to express it, but many of us (most of us), have been letting someone else drive.

We buy certain clothes because our friends wear them. We buy certain cars because our parents did. We enjoy certain music, we like certain types of people, we think certain kinds of thoughts, because…we’re copying someone else.

The copy may be interesting or fun or entertaining — but it’s still a copy.

It’s not YOU…

The Avatar Course teaches powerful and confidential procedures that show YOU how to create the life YOU prefer; a life of personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others. These are the transcendent values in life, these are the values that will help you improve your life, and help you improve the world.

Our next Avatar Course starts March 11, 2017 in Orlando.

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