Meet the Founder

Founder of Avatar® – Harry Palmer

For 40 years, the revolutionary thoughts behind the Avatar Materials developed within the mind of Harry Palmer. Every once in a while, Harry would have glimpses into the patterns that creation seemed to follow, but for Harry, a quick look was not enough. In 1976, Harry left his tenured teaching post and began what became over 10 years of study and investigation into consciousness.

Harry Palmer is not pretentious in any way. He prefers to wear t-shirts and running shoes, and chooses incisive simplicity over any sort of drama.

Today, few who give a fair-minded reading of Harry Palmer’s techniques can doubt the profound effect that his writings are having on the collective consciousness of the world.

Question: What Is the Real Work To Be Done on This Planet?

Harry: “It’s to make ourselves more aware, to remind ourselves that our essential nature is nonviolent, and to increase the amount of compassion and cooperation on the planet.”

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

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