2023 Planet Avatar® Schedule

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Free Introductions

  • Understand how (your) consciousness works
  • Learn what the Avatar Course has to offer you
  • Discover how (and why) Avatar works
  • Experience the Avatar tools for yourself

30-60 minutes

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The ReSurfacing® Workshop

In this workshop-style training, you will:

  • Take inventory of your own beliefs (even ones you’re not aware of)
  • Discover who’s really responsible for your success (or failure)
  • Strengthen your will; control your attention; make clear decisions
  • Learn powerful techniques to handle stress
  • Increase the amount of compassion in the world
  • Create a life plan you can begin to follow deliberately

2-4 days

Now on Zoom. We’ll call you to schedule your preferred dates.

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The Avatar Course

In this experiential training, you will learn how to:

  • Quiet your mind; raise your vibration; enhance your ability to create
  • Stay calm, even if others are not
  • Find your limiting beliefs and discreate them
  • (Finally) stop your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors
  • Discover your life goals; create your life dreams
  • Contribute to a peaceful world

10 days: June 14 - 24, 2024

This course is in-person, in Orlando, FL.

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