Are You Looking For A Quick Fix?

Are you looking for a quick fix?

Would you choose comfort over the challenge of a stretch?

Do you like the idea of following in someone else’s footsteps?

Does being bopped on the head to achieve enlightenment appeal to you?

Do you want others to help you make decisions

and advise you on how to live your life?

Do you need someone else to be accountable to in order

to follow through on what you say?

Avatar® is NOT for You.

But,there is Hope!

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® Materials,

gave a talk in Orlando in October 1995.

He spoke about how a person could know

if Avatar® is right for them.

Here is what he said:

  • “Would you like to increase your understanding of life?”
  • “Would you like to be free of old restraints that make you unhappy?”
  • “Would you like to experience the state of consciousness traditionally described as enlightenment?”
  • “Would you like to be able to rise above the sorrows and struggles of the world and see them for what they really are?”
  • “Would you like to experience a self that transcends life and death?”
  • “Would you like to experience the source of your own personality and be able to shape it?”
  • “Would you like to feel more secure about your ability to conduct your life?”
  • “Would you like to be able to make decisions without encountering shame and regret?”
  • “Would you like to transform fear and resistance into love and appreciation? Would you like to discover a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of self?”
  • “Would you like to align your beliefs with the goals you want to accomplish?”
  • “Would you like to feel good, contribute to a worthwhile goal, and enrich your life?”

No one else is offering these things.

          No one else is capable of delivering them.

                    “Avatar® Is.”

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then there is much for you to gain by experiencing Avatar.®

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Call for more information, or to register into a Course.

The next International Avatar® Course

in the US is July 4-12, 2015 in Lake Mary, FL.

Reprinted from January 96 Life By Design News/Letter

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