Avatar®: Climate Change For Your Consciousness

Most people who think about the deeper things agree that the purpose of life is to open up to a broader perspective. This is often called a “spiritual awakening”, or just “waking up”. Waking up implies that a person has moved beyond their current understanding of how life works to a bigger picture they previously weren’t aware of. So they’re “waking up” to a new level of consciousness and the possibility of new realities.

One of the most amazing results of the Avatar Course is that students actually learn how to do this; they learn a set of tools that allows them to wake up to a level of awareness beyond what they’re currently experiencing. Avatar students quickly see that their own beliefs and judgments create what they’re experiencing, that there’s not an outside unchanging reality they’re stuck with.

Truth is, there’s almost no experience that can’t be changed or modified with the Avatar tools. Avatar graduates learn this first-hand, because the Avatar Course is experiential. It’s a consciousness training; a series of exercises and processes that are a catalyst for spiritual awakening. And it is something you have to experience; you can’t get there just by thinking about it.

We each have a spiritual nature, which simply means that we are more than our mind, more than our body, more than our thoughts and intentions. We are all spiritual beings, regardless of our beliefs, religious or otherwise.

But it’s our beliefs that have the biggest impact on how things turn out for us in life. Have you ever seen two athletes of equal talent, but one is a superstar and one never quite makes it? Or two business people of seemingly equal skill and ability, but one is very successful and one just can’t get a break — how is this possible? When you examine the situations closely you’ll discover the difference is the beliefs they each have; their beliefs about themselves, about life, about success. Beliefs are what shape our lives. But how does a person learn to manage their beliefs??

Well, working with and managing beliefs is exactly what the Avatar Course is all about. Avatar will teach you the tools and techniques to manage your beliefs, and you’ll use them to manage your life. This is a groundbreaking step in self-evolvement.

Now your mind may have some reservations…

But luckily, it doesn’t matter what your mind is thinking or saying to you, because one of the first things you’ll learn in Avatar is how to quiet your mind. From that quiet space you’ll learn how to access the life-shaping regions of consciousness that exist in all of us. That’s the place Avatar directs you to, that’s the place of your power, that’s the place where the magic happens.

And it truly is magic. Operating at this level of consciousness is like being upgraded from 2-dimensions to 4-dimensions, from having a bit part in a movie to being the writer and director of the whole production. You’ve suddenly opened up to a world of infinite possibilities where you are the knowing creative source of all that you experience.

This is new territory, and Avatar doesn’t leave you on your own once you’ve reached it. The Avatar course contains many different tools and techniques that allow you to successfully navigate in consciousness, and create the kind of life that you want.

Avatar is the most powerful, purest personal development course available anywhere. Interested?

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