Avatar Is A Self-Empowerment Course

Avatar is a self-empowerment course that awakens in people a higher level of awareness, and from that place, teaches people a set of tools for creating and dis-creating beliefs. You could call it a belief-management technology. And it’s all based on the simple truth that what you believe is what you will experience.

Since 1987, the course has been taught in 70 countries and translated into 20 languages.

I came across Avatar 25 years ago, at a time in my life when I was looking for answers. I’d been divorced, remarried, and afraid that my second marriage was going in the same direction, and I didn’t know why, or what to do about it.

So, when my husband decided to take the Avatar Course and said he’d be away a week, all my fingers and toes crossed in the hope that this would be the answer because I was sure it was him, not me, that was the problem. (smile)

Well, something very unexpected happened. When he came I home, I felt different around him. There was a space around him where I could just be myself –I’d never felt that before. And it felt so good, I just had to know – what happened?

So, I took the next course and, fast forward, we’ve been happily married for 31 years.

The first thing I learned was, if you want to create a new reality, you need to know what you believe. You have to be real with what you truly believe before you can successfully create new beliefs that will stick.

It’s tricky because you may think that you know what you believe, but if you’re not getting the results you want, you may be fooling yourself.

I sure was. I thought I believed “I am doing my best to make my marriage work.” But, what I actually believed was, “No matter how much I mess up, I should be taken care of”, not a very helpful belief.

We need to have an effective methodology for discovering what we honestly believe, which may be different from what we’re pretending to believe.

The Avatar Course contains exercises for uncovering what you really believe.

Secondly, you need a method for dealing with the beliefs that no longer serve you. You can’t make them wrong, and you can’t just whitewash over them.

I tried to get rid of mine by vowing “I am not going to make that mistake again”. And “I am not going to be like my mother. “

But, the more I resisted messing up, the more I messed up!

You see, resistance is a form of attention. So if you’re resisting something, you’re giving it your attention and you’re actually making it bigger.

Harry Palmer, the founder of Avatar said, “The surest way to make something persist is to resist it.”

So, then I tried thinking positive. “I have a harmonious relationship.” “I have a harmonious relationship.” “I have a harmonious relationship.” The truth was I was angry, disappointed, and feeling stuck, but I gave my all to try to think positive. Really, I was just pretending, which was exhausting because I wasn’t being real. And, anytime I relaxed, I slipped back into my old patterns.

So, pretending didn’t work. And resisting really didn’t work.

Thankfully, the Avatar Course offered a whole new option. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I learned how to experience my way through my beliefs and came out the other side. It’s actually easier done than said, which is why Avatar is so powerful.

But maybe the most important thing I experienced in Avatar is ~

We are Source Beings, the creators of our reality. We are more than our bodies, and more than our minds.

In The Avatar book, “Private Lessons,” Harry Palmer says, “Maybe the best way to explain ‘source’ is to describe the journey that leads to source: Cease identifying with the physical body, cease identifying with the mind, cease identifying with the self. What remains is source being. – From “The Way We Came.”

“Source beings have recovered control of the mind. They recognize that their experiences arise from agreements and decisions that they have the power to change. They see through blame and judgments. They appreciate the diversity of existence. They can (but do not feel compelled to) exist as anything, and/or create personal reality. Source beings are compassionate, courageous, and curious.”

The product of Avatar is a Source Being.

You can begin your Avatar Course this weekend.

Or, schedule a free Avatar Info-Hour to learn more about it. We’ll be in town for the next 10 days, before we head out for the next International Avatar Course in Orlando, FL starting March 12, 2016.