Beliefs – Finding Them, Feeling Them, Keeping Them, Changing Them

Beliefs ~

Finding them, feeling them, keeping them, changing them.

What you believe has consequences in your life. What does that mean? Your beliefs, ideas, and judgments – the ones you know about, and even the ones you don’t know about, create the experience you have of life.

They also create the filter through which you view and interpret your experiences. Some beliefs are helpful, meaning you like the experience they create; some beliefs are not helpful.

But who decides which ones are helpful, and which ones are not? YOU do. The Avatar Course is about YOU…

Let’s explore some beliefs a person might have, and then let’s feel whether they’re helpful or not.

A person might believe:

– I am confident and strong / OR

– I doubt I can do it.

Can you feel the difference? Which belief feels more empowering and effective? Which one would you like to have?

Or a person might believe:

– Things are moving forward / OR

– I don’t know what’s happening / OR

– I can’t make it, I can’t do it…

Which belief will lead to success? Which ones go nowhere?

What about you? What’s your favorite limiting belief…?

Avatar is a belief management course. It teaches a unique, proprietary technology for how to create, modify, and eliminate beliefs. And using these tools, you can be self-determined about the experiences you create. You will learn to deliberately create with a power and grace that are rarely seen in our world today.

Here’s another key feature of Avatar: we teach you how to create the beliefs you want, but YOU decide which ones to create. We teach you how to eliminate beliefs that don’t serve you, but YOU decide which ones to let go of. YOU are always the one who decides…

So that’s a quick overview of how Avatar works with individuals. But what about society? What about beliefs in the collective consciousness – how does that work? What beliefs will help us create peace and harmony on the planet?

What’s the most popular belief in the collective consciousness? It just might be “I am right and you are wrong”. In fact, that’s a belief that countless numbers of people have: “I am right and you are wrong”. Indoctrinate a country and you get: “we are right and they are wrong”.

The only problem is that if I believe, “I am right and you are wrong”, and you believe the exact same thing (“I am right and you are wrong”) — we’re already in conflict with each other. We don’t even need an issue to be in conflict about, just having that belief automatically makes us adversaries.

Let’s look at some other collective consciousness beliefs:

A group might believe:

– we are right and they are wrong / OR

– we can find common ground

Which belief leads to competition and conflict? Which one leads to cooperation? Which one creates hope for the planet?

A group might believe:

– WE have the answer, you don’t

– you can’t trust a Muslim or a Jew or a North Korean, or a blonde or, the list goes on.

**Another group might believe “kill all the unbelievers” – meaning kill everyone who doesn’t believe the same as you.

Is there any chance for world peace with those beliefs?

What about these collective consciousness beliefs:

– we’re all going to die anyway, so let’s take all we can

– OR:

– we can do it if we work together

– I’m not going to give up on this planet

– ‘Impossible’ is not a word I believe in.

Can you feel that some beliefs lead in a helpful direction, and others don’t?

Let me ask this: Does it make sense to create armies and go out and kill other people because they have different beliefs than we do?

That is a strange earth custom!

**Here’s the one truth we can know about this planet**

We’re all here together, and the earth is the only spaceship we’ve got. So if we don’t begin to cooperate, well, guess where things are headed?

You could think of the Avatar Course as “The Peace Corps for Consciousness”; each Avatar doing their best to help others learn and succeed. That’s why as we each work to improve our own lives with Avatar, we also help each other, and we help the planet. It’s a win/win/win situation.

People often think their beliefs reflect some outside reality that someone else is creating. They say (for instance), “relationships never work for me”, therefore, I believe “relationships are hard”.

BUT – what if your beliefs come first, and they are actually, literally, creating your reality?

THEY ARE! However you slice it, your beliefs, ideas, and judgments in some way come first, and they attract those experiences to you.

Now ask yourself, what if I could change my beliefs and create different experiences for myself?

YOU CAN!! That’s what Avatar is all about.

What if I could change my beliefs and create different experiences for the planet?

YOU CAN!! The belief management technology of Avatar teaches you how to do it; it teaches you how to deliberately create what you want to experience, and if you continue to use the Avatar tools — you will be successful.

And that’s the best possible news: Avatar will teach you how to change your beliefs so that you can reach your highest potential, and when you do, your life will change, as well. And as we all begin to manage our collective consciousness beliefs, the world will change, too.

As every Avatar awakens from their indoctrination and learns to live deliberately, the right-wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.

We invite you to join us and help create this new reality…