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Are you looking for a way to make positive changes in your life – a personal growth course that feels right for you? Have you heard of Avatar?

Many people ask us, “What is Avatar?” and I always find it challenging to answer. Everyone experiences Avatar differently… because the course is about YOU. And, all YOU’s are unique.

But, I’ve discovered an answer that speaks to everyone. It’s right from the horse’s mouth. Do you want to hear it?

Listen to the “West Coast Tour” audiotape. The speaker is Harry Palmer… yes, the founder of Avatar. He recorded this live in 1987, speaking to a group of Avatar prospects in a living room in Southern California.

What I love, love, love! about this tape is that Harry describes all of the tools you learn in the Avatar Course. He walks you through the course, day by day, and tells you what the tools are, and what they can do. And, since he invented them, he would know! Right? Isn’t that cool?

He even takes you back to the very beginning days of Avatar and describes how the course was developed. It’s fascinating.

To listen on-line to this amazingly inspiring talk about the Avatar Course, click here:

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Find out what all the buzz is about and what you’ve been missing. It’s never too late to get started on the Avatar Path. Begin now.