Gaining Source Perspective

A woman called the other day and said, “Nothing is working and I don’t understand it. Why is everything in my life so difficult?”

This is a being, I thought to myself, who has lost her source perspective. Metaphorically, she built her house, locked herself in it, and then lost the key. I call that ‘being trapped in your own creation.’

Many people have lost their source perspective. They perceive themselves as trapped in circumstances that they’re unable to change.

Avatar is a return to source. It’s a return to the viewpoint of source…source of the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in.

This awakening of a ‘source perspective’ occurs on the Avatar Course. Finding one’s way back to source is a journey that every being can take to recover control of their life.

To begin, join a ReSurfacing Workshop, and start taking your life back. Visit and select a course date that works for you!