Have You Heard Of Avatar?

Have you heard of Avatar?

Here’s some background: in 1987 an Educational Psychologist named Harry Palmer outlined an intriguing set of mental procedures that could be easily taught to just about anyone. The amazing thing is that when these procedures are done in a specific order, they become a combination that unlocks the secrets of human consciousness.

In the 9-day Avatar Course, you will discover the unique combination to unlock your consciousness, and you’ll learn how to use Avatar to reach your highest potential in life.

Then you’ll take the Avatar tools home with you so that you can continue to deliberately create experiences that align with your goals and life purpose – unless for some reason you don’t want to do that… (smile)

I could tell you about people who’ve used Avatar to be happier and healthier in their lives and relationships. But I won’t talk about that today.

I could tell you how people have used Avatar to grow their business, to empower and support their employees and customers, and to be a catalyst for incredibly positive change. But that’s not for today, either.

I do want to tell you how many, many people around the world are using Avatar to create more kindness, more care, and more compassion; how they’re taking personal responsibility not just for their own lives, but for the planetary consciousness, as well.

The Avatar Course, properly presented, is the most powerful, purest self-development program available at any price.

Let’s talk about viewpoints for a minute:

How many have something in your life that you used to be attracted to, but now you’re not?

What happened?

I’d say you came to a new viewpoint, and from that new viewpoint, things look different. What do I mean by a new viewpoint?

You know how they use “instant replay” in sports? There’s a close play and you’re very sure the ball was caught. There’s a little confusion, but you know you’re right. Then you see the replay from a different angle (viewpoint), and you clearly see the ball wasn’t caught, it touched the ground, and there goes your original viewpoint…

Or the “topic du jour” with police body cameras. You hear the police report that things went down a certain way, but when you see the video it’s clear that it wasn’t that way at all – so you have to adopt a new viewpoint.

When you look at something from a new viewpoint, everything changes.

Let’s do an experiment: deliberately put on the viewpoint (in your mind) that “everyone here is so different than me. I don’t trust them, they’re so different”. Can you feel that? Now look around the room, and notice what you observe.

Now, deliberately put on a new viewpoint “we are all so similar and connected”. Can you feel that one? Now look around the room and notice what you observe.

Was there a difference in what you saw and felt from those 2 viewpoints? Which one would you like to deliberately keep?

Viewpoints, judgments, and labels are more powerful than I ever imagined. In my Avatar Course in 1990, I explored my judgments about romantic relationships – and it quickly became very, very clear why my previous marriages had failed. It wasn’t the women, after all, it was me.

The beliefs I was operating through guaranteed failure.

This was sobering to see but powerful. Because if I was the problem, I could now use the Avatar tools to make changes.

So when I came back home I deliberately changed those relationship beliefs, and suddenly Lori seemed very different to me. As if she had been the one-off learning new tools. And she felt it, too. In fact, she was so impressed she went to the very next Avatar Course.

Let’s get more specific: what if you discovered a belief that “it’s not possible for me to change” — how do you think you’d do in a self-improvement course?

Or what if you have the belief “life is hard”. How will that play out if your goal is to make life easier? You need to find a new viewpoint.

But – what if you were able to create a new viewpoint, rather than just hope to find one? What if you could create a new viewpoint that you really really liked and then it happened?

Here’s the magic: as you deliberately change your viewpoint, the reality you’re experiencing will change. Literally. Discernibly. As you replace limiting beliefs with helpful beliefs, your life will change. Dramatically.

And Avatar will teach you how to do all of this.

Harry Palmer says: “The mission of Avatar in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems on the planet. When we see that the only difference between us is our beliefs and that beliefs can be created and dis-created with ease, world peace will ensue. And as the right-wrong game winds down, a co-create game will unfold.”

How cool is that?

Avatar has no beliefs of its own that you have to look at, consider, or adopt. Avatar is about your beliefs, and you will decide which ones you want to explore. And you’ll decide which ones you want to change. Our job is to help you learn the tools — the rest is up to you.

But you will become a better banker, a better realtor, a better consultant, a better parent, or a better Buddhist — a better person in every respect as an Avatar, because you are deliberately calling the shots.

Let’s look at goals for a minute:

Have you noticed the growing number of new books and training programs that are around these days? Have you noticed how many titles include: “you can be a millionaire”, “grow your wealth!”, or “lose 20 lbs tonight”? (I bought that one…) They catch your attention, don’t they?

Compared to “millionaire lifestyle”, personal responsibility isn’t a very sexy topic. But if you resonate with the idea of improving yourself, improving the world, and helping ease people’s suffering — if you really want to improve the vibration of the planet and not the magnitude of your ego, Avatar is worth taking a closer look at.

Because at the end of this lifetime it doesn’t matter how much you have in the bank or how much you weigh. What matters is your answer to this question: am I working to help others and to create peace on the planet?

As we begin to manage our collective beliefs, we can do that. And that’s a legacy worth leaving.

I’ve been teaching the Course and using the tools for 25 years – Avatar has never let me down.

The Avatar Course will teach you how to access the incredibly powerful being that you really are, and use that power to wake up from limiting beliefs, and help others wake up, so that together we can all share in the joy of creating an enlightened planetary civilization.