How To Break The Cycle Of Worry

It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of worries and thoughts, but our Avatar workshop can help you break out.

Life is full of worries. While you can play a part in addressing some of these worries, many of them are simply out of your control, and nothing good can come out of dwelling on these kinds of worries. If you give too much weight to your thoughts and worries, you may find yourself stuck in a pattern that consumes your mind and your attention. Don’t let your worries and thoughts consume you; learn how to overcome them with the Ten Actions You Can Do Today To Start Taking Back Your Life.

How do you move past these worries?

Action 4 of the Ten Actions You Can Do Today To Start Taking Back Your Life is to outline the sequence of your thoughts that led up to your worry. Then, take five minutes to deliberately think about each thought in this sequence until your worry starts to fade away. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by your worries at times, but when you are able to break them down into this kind of sequence, they feel a lot more manageable and, soon, they’ll be nothing but distant memories.

Now that you know how to break the cycle of worry, it’s time to learn about the other nine actions you can do to take back your life. Check out our previous blogs to learn about Action 1, Action 2 and Action 3, and please stay tuned for our next blog to learn about Action 5!