How To Make Changes In The World

“In order to make a change in the world,

we need to start changing ourselves.”

Harry Palmer

That’s what the Avatar® Course teaches, how you can make changes in your own consciousness and affect a positive outcome in the world, as well as your own life. It’s a win-win-win situation. It’s what we’re here for.

If you feel ready to explore this expanded level of consciousness, if you’re ready to accelerate your evolvement to higher awareness — the Avatar® Course is ready for you. There are a host of reasons to do Avatar®, here are just 3:

First: the Course is experiential. You get results by doing the exercises, not just reading them or thinking about them: and you will get results. The Avatar® Materials have been tested and proven to work by well over 100,000 people around the world since 1987.

Second: Avatar® Masters are experts at coaching people to use the Avatar® tools successfully and confidently. The Course setting provides a safe, supportive, and respectful environment for a one-on-one exploration of what’s up in your universe.

Third: YOU decide what you want to change. The course is delivered in a specific sequence that is proven to bring people to a source perspective over their lives. But always — you decide what you want to work on, and you decide your priorities. We support your intention to reach your highest potential, and we show you how to use the Avatar® tools to create it.:

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The first International Avatar® Course of 2016 starts January 2nd in Orlando. And YOU are invited…

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