Is Enlightenment Still Possible In The Modern World?

Enlightenment is a word with a lot of buzz around it. My dictionary lists the synonyms for enlighten as “to educate, inspire, perfect (v), etc.”

But for those of us who’ve walked a spiritual path, enlightenment goes beyond that. That definition isn’t in the dictionary; but for me it included an intuitive knowing and speaking of the truth, and being free from ignorance and illusion. Something like that. But it went even further.

Enlightenment seemed like something that someone else bestowed upon you. You somehow meet some being who’s enlightened already, who then looks into your eyes in a certain way or whacks you with a stick or laughs in just the right way at just the moment that you’re ready! And then what? Some transcendent state of awareness occurs that catapults you into expanded levels of consciousness from which you never emerge. (I never knew exactly what to expect after the stick-whacking, but I think it would have been something like I just described. I was pretty sure that I’d know it when it happened.)

So, let’s summarize: to be enlightened you need to find someone who has it, and hope that they’re willing to give it, at just the moment you’re ready to receive it, and that you’ll recognize it when it’s happened.

Perhaps in a previous lifetime you could have arranged all these details, but is it possible during these modern times that you can find just the right person and schedule a visit to them during a convenient vacation week when all the variables are perfect? Just the logistics and travel arrangements seem daunting – let alone the rest. What’s a sincere being to do?

My own search for enlightenment was long and varied; several different teachers on several different continents with several different ideas about what was needed. I received great value from all of them, but ultimately I was still left with certain elements of my life that never seemed to change no matter what I did or what someone else did to me. It was discouraging.

Then I did Avatar. And came upon the simple truth that my own beliefs were creating the reality I experienced, and that I could learn how to create the beliefs I preferred that would manifest the realities that I wanted. Cool.

Now, 7 years after doing Avatar, the idea of enlightenment isn’t something I put much attention on. But when I do, I have a new viewpoint. Enlightenment isn’t an experience of some transcendent state that takes me to some “beyond”, but rather the experience of the infinite possibilities that exist in each moment of my life. And I know that I have the tools and technology that will allow me to create any (or all) of these possibilities, anytime I choose.

Avatar took me into the very space in consciousness where the individual self is defined, and taught me how to create and discreate my own identity, personality, and over-all definition. It guided me into a level of awareness beyond my personal consciousness, where it’s easy and natural to change and rearrange anything in any domain or dimension

that I choose.

That’s the Avatar experience. And it is possible in today’s world; possible to be happy, to be satisfied, to be prosperous…whatever you choose.

Avatar didn’t change me. But it did give me the ability to make the fundamental changes in my own consciousness and my own life that I wanted. It’s never disappointed me.

It was an enlightening experience just to hear about Avatar and the new possibilities it offered. But to actually do the course was an experience which is beyond my ability to describe to you…

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