Is There Life After Avatar®?

Okay, it’s time to let it out. Time to finally reveal the truth that I’ve kept hidden, locked away inside me. The truth is — the Avatar Course ruined my life. That’s right, you read correctly. It’s not a typo. Avatar ruined it all.

There I was, 39 years old, with a whole set of belief systems that had me so tightly in their grip that I couldn’t even see them — and a long, dramatic story about why life wasn’t working that I just loved to tell.

Don’t get me wrong, I was doing pretty well. I had my own company that was respected in its field; I was making lots of money; I looked pretty good, was married, owned property and other “stuff”; set and attained goals; was in touch with my spiritual nature, etc.

Most people judged me a success…maybe even a role model. But I didn’t feel like a success. I wasn’t fulfilled or satisfied. In fact, I suffered a lot — meaning things happened to me that I didn’t like, and I thought they were caused by outside factors that I had no control over.

I tried a lot of things in order to escape the suffering — marijuana, sex, rock ‘n roll, est, meditation, all of it.

Those things provided some taste of the expanded experience that I wanted, but ultimately they all proved disappointing. I was looking for a way to be fully alive, energetic, peaceful, and satisfied — and as yet, hadn’t found it.

I worked with two spiritual teachers in the 80’s and discovered many remarkable things: other realities, other beings, meditation, channeling, healing. The lessons were fun and very valuable, but still the answers were outside somewhere. I mean, what if the Archangel Michael was busy or on vacation?

I started meditating a lot, touching places that were so peaceful and so beautiful that I didn’t want to come back. I thought meditating was better than not meditating, and that people who meditated were really better than those who didn’t. I became kind of a New Age pain in the ass.

But I hadn’t found what I wanted. I was still suffering…looking so hard that I didn’t have a chance of ever finding anything. So, I stopped looking. Which, of course, is when the magic happened. I received some information in the mail about a course called Avatar. I don’t know why, but I just felt that there was something extraordinary there for me. So I immediately registered into the Course. Wow.

The first thing I discovered at a very deep level was that my beliefs were responsible for my experiences in life. Not only that, but that different beliefs would attract different experiences. And that “I” is something distinct and separate from the mind and it’s beliefs. And amazingly, the “I” can easily choose the beliefs that it would like to have, and then experiences that are in accord with those new beliefs will manifest. Pretty radical!

In the Course I learned a very simple technique that allowed me to observe and feel the beliefs that were running my life. It was easy to see which beliefs were working for me and which ones weren’t. (In fact, I saw that I was often trying to create results on top of strong beliefs I held which were in total opposition to what I truly wanted). No wonder I felt stuck in some areas.

This striking new point of view allowed me to quiet my mind, get “out of my head”, and really start to feel things — to finally experience life fully from my heart. This all happened by the fourth day, and it’s a 7 – 9 day course. It gave new and expanded meaning to the old phrase “mind-boggling”.

Avatar didn’t teach me what to create, just how to create. What to create was totally my decision. I saw my own beliefs with crystal clarity and insight, and saw that there wasn’t really a “right” or “wrong”…just different beliefs creating different experiences. The Avatar technology is so easy, the instructions so clear, the results so undeniable that I was lifted far beyond the scope of what I’d previously accepted as the inherent limits of reality.

After the Course my business expanded and flourished, even in the recession. My health, which had been excellent, got even better. I lost 20 pounds without even trying. My relationships improved dramatically, and my ability to be at ease and at source became constant and consistent. And I totally gave up suffering and complaining. Major miracles!

I guess I never directly answered the question in the title of the article. But you know by now that my beliefs about myself and the world are very different than they used to be. I just don’t ever tell those “life isn’t working” stories anymore.

It’s become apparent to me that the real question wasn’t “Is there life after Avatar?”, but “Was there really life BEFORE Avatar?”

Post Script – January 2003

This article was written in late 1990, just after I’d finished the Avatar Masters Course. My wife, Lori, went on to do Avatar and the Masters Course shortly after me, and we’ve been delivering Avatar full-time ever since.

Life after Avatar is filled with more joy and satisfaction than I could ever have imagined possible. I’m in a constant state of amazement about the possibilities that are present when we learn to quiet the mind and create life completely from Source.

Avatar is the world’s #1 self-development course. If you’re interested in exploring your own beliefs, and learning a technology that will allow you to live your life joyfully and deliberately, we invite you to contact us.

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