Last 2016 Avatar® Course

The last Avatar® Course of the year is coming sooner than you think.

Time is precious. Every moment of every day, each of us has the opportunity to create something amazing, to contribute something life-changing, to become someone extraordinary.

But, how? How do we set a new course, overcome obstacles, tap into our greatest potential? How do we overcome inertia, inspire ourselves (and others) into action, and leave the world in a better place?

The Avatar Course can help you find the answers.

The Avatar Course is a set of tools that will empower you to live up to your fullest potential and create reality deliberately. And yes, Avatar training will also help you make the world better.

Join us for the last Avatar Course of 2016 in Orlando, FL on October 29th through November 6th.

If you’re ready to get started now, join us for The ReSurfacing® Workshop (Section 1 of the Avatar Course) on September 24th and 25th in Solana Beach, CA.

For questions, more information, and to register, call us at Planet Avatar 858.794.7978.