Make A List Of Incomplete Projects…

I work out of my home. I’ve turned one of my spare bedrooms into a home office. It’s very convenient. I waste no time commuting to work each day. Or so you’d think.

In actuality, when I walk from my office to the kitchen, I pass through the living room. And, every time I do, which can be 50-100 times a day, I notice my decorative zen water garden that needs more water. I notice the handle on my front door that’s slightly tilted and needs tightening. If I made a mental note and then handled it before bed, I would have a different experience on my commute to the kitchen the next morning, but I don’t, and, a little bit of my attention gets stuck on those things and is not available to me to create with.

I lose just a little bit of my attention on each incomplete item, and that’s just a fraction of the lost attention in my house. I have 10 rooms, not to mention the garage, and there are at least three things in each room that require some fixing, moving, replacing or tossing. That’s a lot of fixed (stuck) attention!

My advice to you and to myself is, “Don’t allow your attention to remain stuck and unusable.” Free it up with Action #6 of the Ten Actions You Can Do Today To Start Taking Back Your Life.

Instructions: Make a list of all the incomplete projects you have.Prioritize the list.Time: 30 + minutesExpected Result: Recovery of attention

With the abundance of free attention you’re going to have, do something that will move you forward toward your goals, like signing up for a Free Avatar Introduction or the full Avatar Course today.

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