Mind Trap

Is it possible…

“The Avatar Course is nothing more or less than an escape from a mind trap, which you’ve been caught in for so long that you have forgotten what freedom feels like.”

Harry Palmer, The Avatar Path: The Way We Came

Is that possible? Really? Is it possible that your mind has totally trapped you — and you don’t know it? Hmm…what do you think?

Is it possible that you’ve been dreaming through this lifetime, and you haven’t even known you’re asleep?

Is it possible that there’s something more than just the world of physical objects and words and thinking, is it possible that there’s a powerful, expanded consciousness that’s available to all of us, a way to create peace and harmony in the world, but we just haven’t known where to look?

Well, what if there is?

Are you ready to wake up and move beyond what you already know? To observe and feel what’s really there?

The Avatar Course has been called magical and miraculous. Those are good words to describe it, but they can’t convey the experience.

Just imagine for a moment – really imagine – if you’d been trapped in your mind your whole life and you suddenly broke free? What would that feel like…?

OMG!!!! Just imagine…

If you’re ready to move beyond just imagining and would like to actually begin your own Avatar exploration, you should definitely register for the Avatar Free Introduction. You’ll get a good sense of what’s possible with Avatar, you’ll get a chance to do some of the Avatar exercises, and you’ll get to experience a beautiful video by Harry Palmer.

The Avatar Free Introduction is free, but it’s more valuable than you can imagine.

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