Mini Course #2

Today, I want to introduce you to Avatar® Mini-Course #2 entitled, “Insight: Belief Management.” (See a previous blog called “Mini Course #1” for more information about Harry Palmer’s Avatar Mini Courses).

Beliefs are the thought forms through which we interpret, interact with, and create reality. Each of us has our own unique set of beliefs that you could call a “blueprint.” This blueprint is the subject of the “Belief Management” mini-course. The exercises and readings in this mini-course will help you make the connection between your beliefs and your experiences. The expected results include new insights and an increase in personal responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of your life.

To obtain a copy of the “Insight: Belief Management” mini-course, please contact us at Planet Avatar at 858-794-9480. We will send you the mini-course and arrange for a time to assist you in getting started in your exploration.