Take Back Your Life With Deliberate Actions

Chances Are, You Do Many Things Out Of Habit Or Unconsciously.

Whether your habits are a part of your morning routine, like driving to work, making your daily cup of coffee or brushing your teeth, or you have nervous habits, like tapping your fingers, biting your nails or playing with your hair, there are probably many things that you do in life that you don’t even give a second thought to. While these unconscious behaviors aren’t always unhealthy or negative, making them deliberate instead of unconscious can help you gain insight into your life and improve your self-control.

What can you do to make these actions deliberate?

In the Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life, the third action is to choose an automatic gesture you make and repeat it deliberately until it comes off automatic. This will only take around five minutes of your time, but it can help to increase your self-determinism and free up your creative energy.

We would all love to change the world and make an impact, but before you can do that, you have to take control of your own life, starting with your actions and behaviors. You can learn about action one and two of the Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life by checking out our previous blogs, and you can learn more about gaining control over your life and your destiny by signing up for the Avatar® Course today!