The Avatar® Course Will Change Your Life.

By: Lori Brenckman –

“Avatar teaches the use of proven navigational tools that can be used, in harmony with your own integrity, to pass safely across the uncharted turbulence of the mind into the region of the soul.”

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

If you’re ready to make changes in your life, you need to look inward. Change starts with exploring your consciousness, and Avatar will show you how to do that.

The Avatar Course is the purest, most powerful personal growth course available in the world today – at any price. In Avatar you’ll learn powerful techniques for how to create what you want in life by changing the beliefs and judgments in your own consciousness. You’ll learn to create new beliefs and discard unwanted beliefs. The amazing thing is that as you restructure your mind, the experiences you attract into your life change, as well! With Avatar each person discovers their own unique way of using the tools to reach their highest potential.

Avatar Works.

Next Steps:

  1. Come to an Avatar Discussion Group and explore one of Harry Palmer’s books
  2. Come to the ReSurfacing Workshop in Orlando November 7th & 8th
  3. Come to the last International Avatar Course of 2015, starting November 21st in Orlando FL

You can sign-up for any of these events on our website, or just give a call.

If you’re not in the area we can still work with you by phone or Skype!

Rich & Lori Brenckman, Planet Avatar


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