The Avatar® Tools…A Practical Example

Have you ever lost something?

It’s there,

But how aware are you?

Where is your attention?

This isn’t “breaking” news – but it’s timely and relevant.

It was Christmas morning and we had our traditional exchanging of gifts. As always, my husband outdid me and presented me with a beautiful pair of jade earrings, handmade by a friend.

I slipped them on and giggled with delight. We picked up the wrappings and cards that we’d strewn across the floor and headed for the kitchen to discard them. I opened a drawer to find candles to decorate the table, went back to the living room to light a fire in the fireplace, and then headed off to the bedroom to dress for the day. A few hours later, as I passed by the hallway mirror, I stopped to admire my new earrings and….WHAT??!! One was missing! I looked again. I looked harder – closer. How can that be? I only had them for a short time! How could I have lost one already! (I was notorious for losing jewelry and just the thought of it happening again put me into a frenzy!)

I began to panic as I tried to retrace my steps. I walked the length of the house, face down, peering for a tiny silver and green sparkle on the floor. Nothing.

As my vibration began to permeate everything in its wake, my husband (who is also an Avatar Master) calmly suggested I give it a rest.

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes. How about “Releasing Fixed Attention”? (one of the Avatar tools from the ReSurfacing Workshop). You’re so fixed on it right now; take your attention off of it and then go back to it.”

“Are you crazy? I don’t WANT to take my attention off of it! How am I going to find it if I take my attention off of it?!”

“It might help to use one of the Avatar tools, rather than stressing. I’m just sayin’…,” he whispered with a calm that irked me to no end.

“Stop talking! You’re interrupting my train of thought! I’m trying to remember where I’ve been and figure out where it is.”

“Exactly, “ he smiled. “How about if we do the exercise?”

“Okay, okay,” I relented.

And, with that, I sat down and proceeded to do “Releasing Fixed Attention.” Within a minute, I had a flash of insight, which was a picture of exactly where the earring was.

I walked into the kitchen, opened the junk drawer where the candle had been – and lo and behold – there it was. Sparkling and laughing at me, as if to say – “I’m right here! Just where you dropped me!”

Let’s see – get lost in my mind – or use an Avatar tool? Lesson learned. The tools always work, and they never disappoint.

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Lori Brenckman


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