The “How To” Of How You Believe

It’s not just “what” you believe, it’s “how” you believe that makes the difference.

What does that mean?

What you believe, what you REALLY believe, has consequences in your life. This is sometimes obvious, sometimes not; but it’s true. Your beliefs, expectations, and judgments – the ones you know about, and even the ones you don’t know about, create the experiences you have in life.

Your beliefs create a filter through which you view and interpret what’s happening. Some beliefs are helpful, meaning you like the experience they create; some beliefs are not helpful.

For instance: feel the difference between believing “life is hard” versus “everything always works out for me”.

In the ReSurfacing Workshop, the first 2 days of the Avatar Course, you will explore and discover what you really believe. Not the beliefs you pretend to have or wish you had, but the actual beliefs that are in your consciousness and creating your experience. Finding your real beliefs is liberating. It’s the first step in living deliberately.

But, the real magic is the mechanics of believing, the “how to” of “how” you believe. No one teaches the “how to” except Avatar; literally, no one.

Once you learn “how” to believe, you can create whatever beliefs you decide to, and they will become your reality.

Avatar is a belief management course. It teaches a unique, proprietary technology for “how to” create, modify, and eliminate beliefs. So you can be self-determined about the life you create. You will learn to create with a power and grace that most people do not think is possible. But it is…

Here’s the most important thing about Avatar: we teach you how, but YOU decide what. We teach you how to create and dis-create beliefs, but YOU decide which ones to work with. It’s your consciousness, it’s your life, so of course, it’s your decision. All you need is you…

Why is this important? Because most of us do not deliberately create what we believe (SIRI gives definition). We’re bombarded with beliefs from an early age: from our families, teachers, government, church, movies and books, tv, friends, politics, etc. We take these beliefs on, but they’re unexamined, so they create a reality that seems like it comes from outside. This is what we call (drum roll, please) —– indoctrination.

And even though we didn’t deliberately choose those indoctrinated beliefs, they are there in our consciousness creating our experiences. Most indoctrinated beliefs are self-sabotaging, and, in fact, can be fatally debilitating. Since we didn’t deliberately create them it feels like we’re stuck with them. But we’re not. Because once we find and examine them, we can decide whether to keep them or not.

If we can begin to disassemble our indoctrination, then others can, too. If we can learn to live deliberately, others can, too. If more and more of us take responsibility for our own consciousness and our own beliefs, that is a starting point for world peace.

Here’s the one truth we can know about this planet:

We’re all here together, and the earth is the only spaceship we’ve got. If our collective level of cooperation doesn’t increase — very soon — our spaceship may not survive.

People who have successfully completed the Avatar Course operate from a bigger picture; they see that unless we are each willing to set personal issues aside and operate from a broader perspective, there’s nowhere to go.

Avatars also see that when we do set our own issues aside and work to help others, there’s nowhere else to go.

With Avatar, everyone wins. Avatar shows the wisdom of helping others. So 1, we each improve our own lives with Avatar; 2, we help each other; and 3, we help the planet. It’s a win/win/win situation.

Before Avatar, people often think their beliefs reflect some outside reality that they had nothing to do with. They say (for instance), “relationships don’t work for me”, that’s just the way I am. Or “life is hard”, it’s always been that way.

BUT – what if your beliefs come first, and they are actually, literally, creating your reality?

THEY ARE! However you slice it, your beliefs and expectations come first, and they attract experiences to you.

Now ask yourself, what if I could change my beliefs and change my life?

YOU CAN!! That’s what Avatar is all about.

What if I could change my beliefs and create a better world?


Just as a drop of water added to the ocean will cause a microscopic change in volume, each time you change a belief, the consciousness of the planet will change too.

As each Avatar wakes up from their indoctrination and starts to live deliberately, the right-wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.

It’s not the rocks in the road that are the problem; it’s the rocks in our heads. But now with Avatar, they don’t have to stop you.

As the Dalai Lama said: “If you think you are too small to make a difference in the world, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

We invite each of you to join us in creating a peaceful planet…