The Importance Of Strengthening Your Will

Take The First Step To Taking Back Your Life.

If you can gain control of your mind, you can gain control of your life, and the Avatar Course teaches you how to do just that. The founder of Avatar, Harry Palmer, has a booklet called, “Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life,” and the first action is: “Take a walk, notice something and decide how you would describe it.”

The human will is an incredible tool.

When successfully employed, the will makes us victorious in our endeavors. But, from lack of use, it can get rusty and fall into a stupor. When the will is asleep, we allow (or in some cases, ask) the world around us to tell us what to do. Awakening and exercising your own will is the first step in taking back your life. Every decision you make awakens the will a little more and leads to increased awareness, calming, and insights as to how you operate in the world.

Taking back your life doesn’t have to be hard. You’d be surprised at how something simple, like deciding how you would describe something, can change your perspective and your life. Learn more lessons for taking back your life by reading Harry Palmer’s booklet or signing up for our Avatar course! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.