The Junk Drawer In Your Mind…

Do you have a “junk drawer”? Most people do. You know, the place where you put stuff when you don’t know where to put it. Could be a box, could be a shelf in your closet, could be a drawer, it doesn’t matter. It’s that place where, when you don’t know where to put something, but you don’t want to throw it away, and you don’t want to give it too much significance – that’s right, into the junk drawer!

For a short while you’re able to keep track of things in the drawer, but as life goes on you find more things that you don’t know where to put – so you put them in your junk drawer, and suddenly you can’t find anything.

Has it happened to you?

When the drawer gets too full and unmanageable then you have to deal with it – which isn’t easy at that point….

Many people have turned their minds, inadvertently, into a “junk drawer.” They’ve stuffed and stored away many things that they don’t want to deal with. Unanswered questions, mistakes, regrets, even resentments and actions they’d rather not admit. So many un-owned creations that are just too confronting to deal with. Stored away in the dark recesses of the mind.

The misunderstanding is that if they are out of sight, they are out of mind. But are they? No, not at all. They remain there, taking up precious space and consuming creative energy. They deplete our attention supply and keep us from creating what we want. All tied up.

The Avatar Course can help us to integrate and free up the fixed attention trapped in our junk drawer minds. How much free attention can you release by sorting the un-owned creations in your own mind? A lot!!