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This Is Your Wake Up Call…

“An adult is one who has lost the grace, the freeness, the innocence of the child,

who is no longer capable of feeling pure joy, who makes everything complicated,

who spreads suffering everywhere, who is afraid of being happy, and who,

because it is easier to bear, has gone back to sleep.

The wise man is a happy child.” Arnold Desjardins

The next Int’l Avatar® Course starts April 4th in Orlando, FL!

The Avatar Course will teach you to explore your consciousness and discover the beliefs you’re currently operating through. You’ll decide which ones you like, and which ones you might want to change. Then, based on your decision, the Avatar tools will allow you to create new beliefs and ‘discreate’ the ones that are limiting you.

Time to wake up and become the person you’ve always wanted to be…

Call or email to start unleashing you…!

Lori Brenckman


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