Time To Upgrade Your Consciousness?

Have you ever noticed how two people can follow the same set of instructions but get different outcomes? One is extremely successful, while the other is failing. How can that be? Shouldn’t a good strategy work no matter what? Do this and you are sure to succeed; do something else and won’t?

What’s going on here?

If your actions aren’t producing the results you intended to create, you may need a software update. That’s right, a software update for your consciousness.

You are the hardware. Your consciousness (meaning your mind and your beliefs) is the software. Beliefs can be assistive at one time in your life, but then became antiquated as time and circumstances change and evolve. If you’re not running the latest operating system, life can get very confusing.

Are there beliefs in your consciousness that aren’t working any longer? They need to be discovered and discarded before you can move forward. For example, the belief, “I’m cute and helpless,” may have worked for you when you were a kid, but it’s not so helpful now when you’re interviewing for a big new promotion.

Are you ready for a system-wide consciousness update? Avatar will help you get the job done. The tools you will learn and acquire on the Avatar Course will enable you to update your beliefs in alignment with the goals you want to achieve. Creating and discreating beliefs becomes an art – the art of living deliberately. Happy creating!