Want To Change, But Not Sure Where To Begin?

Are you wanting to evolve and make changes in your life, but don’t know where to begin? Are you searching for a self-improvement course, but have questions about what will work?

Why I did Avatar…

Okay, so, truth is, I did Avatar because my husband did it. Not very original, right? But it’s true. He was always the spiritual leader in our family of 2, and whatever he did, I tagged along. But, this was different.

Something really magical happened when Rich came home from the Avatar Course 28 years ago. He’d been away for a week doing Avatar and strangely, I felt different. Isn’t that curious? He had been off in Vermont for 8 days doing ‘I didn’t know what,’ and when he came home, I noticed that I felt different around him. There was this “space” where I could just be myself. It was amazing, and wonderful, and startlingly palpable. So, of course, I wanted to know why.

A month later, I found myself in an Avatar Course in NYC, doing my best to catch up to the awakening and transformation I witnessed in him. Something that not only he was over-the-moon inspired by, but that I was benefiting from, as well.

Are you in a relationship that could use a tune up? Do you find it challenging to be ‘source’ in your life, and in connection with others who think and feel differently than you do, with their own ideas about life?

The Avatar Course will teach you how to navigate this territory and give you the tools to handle any challenge you encounter on your life’s journey.

Schedule a free experiential introduction to Avatar to get a feel for it. Or, jump right in, like I did, to the next Avatar Course. Contact us at: