What Are You Waiting For?

The Associated Press recently released a survey showing that we are less patient this year than last year. In fact, our tolerance level has been steadily declining year after year since the early 1980’s. The most current data shows that 5 minutes waiting on “hold” on the phone, or 10 minutes spent waiting in a line stretches us to the limits of our patience.

Those are the survey results, but what about you? How do you feel when you’re kept waiting? Most people don’t like it. Yet ironically, at the same time that we’re becoming less patient, we’re encountering more situations than ever that call for patience.

Lines at the gas station are getting longer, traffic is moving slower, delivery times are increasingly unreliable, and repairmen no longer even give you a time, they just say, “Sometime between 8 and 5…”

So if you want to make sure that whatever is broken gets fixed, you’ll be at home between 8 and 5 — waiting. And let’s not even talk about the difference between the time your Doctor’s appointment is scheduled for and the time it actually happens. We really do spend a lot of our time just waiting.

I know what you’re thinking right now; “Come on — get to the point! I don’t have all day to read this.” Ok, ok…

So it’s clear we’re not happy when others put us on hold, but what about those areas of life where we put ourselves

on hold?

For example, have you (or a ‘friend’) ever waited and waited for exactly the right job to come along? You might still be waiting. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect relationship to show up, and while you were waiting you settled for one you know isn’t right for you.

The problem with waiting and settling is one day you wake up and realize you’ve been waiting for a really long time — and you still are. You may have even forgotten what you’re waiting for. You just know that what you’ve got isn’t

what you want, and most of the time you’re unhappy and dissatisfied. Meanwhile life is passing you by, and you

don’t even notice.

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