What Happens In The Avatar Course…

Avatar is a self-evolvement course that teaches the art of living deliberately. It’s based on the simple truth that thoughts create beliefs and beliefs create reality. So, the easiest and most effective way for a person to change their reality is to get control of their thoughts and deliberately examine their beliefs. And that’s what the Avatar course is about – It’s a set of tools for exploring and changing consciousness – in order to change reality.

The aim of the course is to bring a person to an experiential awareness that they are the creator of their life experience, and teach them tools so they can create things differently if they decide to.

The Avatar Course takes place over 9 days. It’s divided into 3 sections.

Section 1 is called ReSurfacing. It’s about disentangling oneself from old creations and rising back into awareness.

Section 1 contains 30 exercises and techniques that help a person make the connection between the experiences they’re having in life, and the beliefs that are creating those experiences.

These techniques help a person direct their attention, strengthen their will, explore how they came to be the way they are, and uncover hidden beliefs. The exercises are easy to do, but profound in the insights and changes they can produce.

Section 1 takes 2 days, usually on a weekend, and costs $295.00.

Section 2 contains the Creation Exercises. It begins with an exercise in connecting with the world without using the mind. It’s an extra-sensory perceptive channel to the physical universe that quiets the mind, and brings a sense of peace that many people have never experienced.

Another exercise in Section 2 has to do with judgments. Have you ever had judgments or opinions about things? Or maybe you know someone who has? It turns out, these judgments and opinions can be an impediment to our ability to be happy and satisfied.

The end result of this exercise is the ability to honestly relax judgment on anything being experienced. It lets you ease into your most resisted experiences without being overwhelmed. For people who’ve been dealing with a troubling relationship or struggling with a body condition, this exercise produces miraculous changes.

The final exercises in Section 2 teach a person how to remove the limitations that they have unwittingly placed on their own ability to create reality. They’ve been described as the most challenging exercises anyone ever laughed their way through. They restore a person’s control over their life.

Section 2 takes approximately 5 days and costs $500.

Then we move into Section 3. Section 3 is the culmination of all the work done is Sections 1 and 2. All the skills come together into one elegant and powerful technique that we call discreating.

Section 3 begins with a private initiation with an Avatar Master who guides the student through some of the most fundamental transparent beliefs in their consciousness. We call them ‘transparent’ because we don’t see them as beliefs. We think, ”That’s just the way my life is.”

In this session, the student gets to discreate anything they no longer prefer. It’s a freeing experience that can leave a person in a euphoric state for quite some time.

After the initiation, students use the main discreating technique on their own to address various aspects of their life.

First, the body. Using this technique, students can, if they choose to, turn off body conditions such as pain, illness, and unwanted sensations, and experience themselves independent of the body.

The second area is limitations. I’m sure we’re all aware that we place limitations on ourselves, “I can do this but I can’t do that. “ In this process, a person can remove the limitations that are interfering with abilities they’d like to have. Most students don’t choose to discreate all of their limitations, because some of them are helpful if you want to live in a body.

The third area is Identities. Most people have mental costumes they project onto the people around them. We rarely perceive people as they are. The end result of this process is the ability to perceive another person without those projections. It’s a profoundly moving experience that changes ones life.

The next area is called Persistent Masses. This is where the student gets to discreate their most resisted patterns such as addictions, compulsions and chronic conditions. This is a very powerful process that produces life-changing results.

The next processes teach how to work with beliefs held by other people ~ family members, organizations, nations, even whole societies. These processes enable a person to help improve the world by shifting the collective consciousness that we all share. For those who like to support and empower others, this is an amazing process.

The final process of the Avatar Course is called the Ultimate Process. Enough said…

Section 3 takes about 2 days and costs $1500.